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Saturday, August 8, 2009 ' 12:18 AM
Thursdays Full of Rainbow.

I ♥ Thursdays!!!!
Know why? Because I don't have to go to class and I get to go outttt!! xD

And so...
Henry, the how lian kid wanted to celebrate his birthday so badly although it was a BELATED one. So all 14 of us decided to head to 'KotakHijau'♫ @ Sungei Wang to celebrate his 20th birthday in style- KARAOKE-ing!!!

The theme for his glamorous birthday party was BLACK&WHITE..
So everyone ended up looking like TAHI CICAK at the end of the day.* muahahaha*
Okay la. It was kinda cool and I wore entirely black to play safe.☺

Oh BTW, this is Henry Koh. The OLD Birthday Boy.

Happy 20th Birthday Bitch!

Karaoke session was more like 'screaming-your-stomach-out session.'
Melody was totally KOYAK but the lyrics were correct larh. wakakaka. More screaming than singing though.
What made me laugh most was when we all sang LOVE GAME by Lady Gaga.
Gosh... we went 'lalalalallala' all the time coz we kinda fucked the lyrics and only manage to catch hold of the chorus part when suddenly everyone started singing
"Let's have some fun this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick....."

I swear that is the like only line we know!!!.. kinda zZZZzZZzZZzzZZzzZzzzz.
Me love that line. So kinky! =D
I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Boyfee, Me, HuiTingPei Tyng, Si Kiat, Ee Von, Sze Ying, Ke Shin and her boyfee, James
Sue Ann Doraemon and me!

Top: James Bottom: Keshin, Si kiat & Hui Yee.

This is Jason Lee.
He is kinda On-The-Way-Trying to date the girl in white.
owhh..C'mon man.. all of us wore black tops! They were the only two wearing white!
Geeezusss. I can't believe they have been going on secret dates too!
(Hey Jason. I know you'll read this)
You gonna hate me for telling the whole world! *evil laughs*
Look at this picture man. Jason can jia jia (tipu tipu) control macho summo. So obvious he is trying to hide his smile lor. I bet he must've been shouting for joy and praising the lord for the the holy moment! wakkakakka. =p

The session ended 5 hours later.

Later that night, Hui Ting, Boyfee and I went over to Envie club for another event.
The party night was the Malaysian Bloggers Evening hosted by Advertlets.com on Thursday 6th August 2009 and held at the Envie Club Lounge in Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
As usual, I know nuts about the event.

But free flows of beers, Vodka and Whisky cocktails and titbits was awesomeeee.
=) *grin from ear to ear*
The atmosphere was very cheerful, everyone seems to know everyone else, except us. hahaha.
Oh! And the best part was their dance floor!

check it out. Definitely the 1st in Malaysia to have such happy looking dance floor!

Boyfee. Wheee.. I think he looks nice from the side. ONLY from side view.Hui Ting and I. The girl got tipsy!
Boyfee sipping on his Whisky cocktail.

Great nice, fun event.
I definitely had a great day!

*rushes off to clean up room!*
And I shall end here.

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