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Friday, January 1, 2010 ' 11:12 PM
2010 is here.

Happy New Year Everyone!
May we all welcome the first decade of the millennium with joy, laughter and much success.
I'll kick start this post with a huge ass picture of me! =)

2009 had been a hell roller coaster for me.
With all the dramas and cruel lessons I had to learn, somewhat forced me to grow up instantly.
I am as stubborn as a cow, arrogant like anything. I think with my heart, not my brain which always put me in deep dung. I have nothing to be proud of with my life. Yet, I am too arrogant to admit my mistakes.

Manage to take some time off to spend real quality time with myself. Celebrated Christmas alone at home with my puppy while the rest of my family went to Penang. =) Count down for New Year was quiet and peaceful while I sat side by side with my puppy as we both welcomed the new decade. Surprising eh? Even my parents were out on the hill top to watch the fireworks and my sister was somewhere in KLCC having fun.

I've been doing alot of thinking. I have came to a conclusion, regardless you like it or not.
I am who I am. I will not change so that your mother would like me being friends with you. I assume your parents know me better than you do to judge me, no?If I am such a bad influence, feel free to leave. I don't believe in being a hypocrite so that the entire world worships you for being wise and good. I do not camouflage when I am with different people because I am always who I am when I am with them. I don't judge my friends and discriminate them according to their grades , influence or family backgrounds. Coming from a poor or rich family was never an important issue when I pick my friends more over criticizing the upbringing his or her family.
Do not judge when you have the least knowledge of the world.
I am, much down to earth.
What happens in real life do not come from books. Books are mere guideline, not a prophecy from god.

Some people are best to stay away from, because they judge you for who you are. Even worse when you have known each other for years. It is really sad. I'll continue to search the world for friend who will take me for who I am. =)

Happy New Year Folks!

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And I shall end here.

Thursday, November 19, 2009 ' 12:27 AM

I've been spending like a mad woman lately and it is not at all funny.
I bought clothes that I doubt I need them anytime soon, I'm going on a vacation to Langkawi during this heavy raining season, I did my hair and it cost a bomb whatmore it turned out depressingly uh-glay.
What The Hell was I thinking about. Seriously?
Clothes i bought to make myself happy but not practical, Langkawi trip for fuks coz Kedah is BLARDY hell flooded!! I bet I'll end up doing charity helping people in Kedah to pindah their stuff to higher ground rather than to sun tan. PLUS my stupid hair turned out like OMG *speechless*. *faints*

note to self : its ok. Shit happens.

No! Of coz its not okay! I've been eating soo much lately! Like, urm.. SO MUCH! Blame the weather.. I feel my tummy grumbling every 5 seconds!
And worst of all, congratulations to myself.. I'm down with a bad cold.
Argh. Not helping at all!
complain complain complain
yada yada yada.

Note to self : Shaddap michelle.
And I shall end here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 ' 7:22 AM

It is 7.46 in the morning.
You'd rarely see my living soul at this odd hour.
Yet I am wide awake, blogging aimlessly.

I've been single for quite a while now, and apart from getting back control of my life, I think I'm losing it again!
The freedom I get... I've been misusing it.

It feels so nice to be a single teenager again. *note: I'm still 19
The part where the world meant to you so much, and you start to check out guys and fall in love again.
Butterflies in your tummy everytime he talks to you,
shiver crawls down your spine as he touches your bare skin,
And your heart pumping so hard you fear he might find out everytime you kissed.
The furthest distance on earth is when you are standing right infront of the person you love and not letting him know how you feel.

Jiwang. I know!!! Me like it. =)

I'm glad I am fnally where I am , who I am today.

On a side note: Polly has been a bitch lately. He keeps nibbling on me! Gah! I wish he could speak English like me.
And I shall end here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 ' 1:50 PM
Hui Ting's 20th.

Happy Bloody 20th Birthday Hui Ting, Bitch! Old already lurrrr...
So bloody lucky because she was being spoil like a brat. Unfairness!
Pictures of her grand celebration in class.
The closes girl friend I have in class.. I'd whine, complain, bitchy to her all day and she'll ever be ready to listen and give advises.
LOVE YOU! *hugs*
So pink right the cake?! It looked so pweety!...
And I kepo-ed "eh this cake so nice! Who buy wan?"
Someone turned around and gave me a cock stare, " Mah Sue Ann baked wan ok!"
Daym geng la ok.. Seriously! I want Mah Sue Ann bake me cake too. =( *puhuizzzeeee*

Then, our 'gang' headed to Old China Cafe to have lunch. I superb love the environment in the cafe.. everything so antique! Even the music in there so soothing. *loves*.. Unlike the usual lunch place we used to go in Petaling Street, hot, sweaty and far but mad CHEAP and YUMMY!

After class, Cai Lee, ze burfdae gurl and I headed to Reggae Bar where we played pool.
Had to teach Hui Ting coz it was her first time playing. =)

Me looking very much like hantu.

Oh oh! After a few tiring and exhausted game, 3 of us went to Lot10 for Shabu Shabu aka steamboat buffet! Hui Ting gatal sangat wanna go clubbing but Cai Lee and I wasted half of our lives trying to convince her that club is so dead on MONDAY NIGHTS! gosh.. where got people wanna club wan..

I was so bloated after that. Couldn't even walk properly! ahhh.. the luxury of studying in the central of Kuala Lumpur.. So easy to excess to anywhere!

Here are a few pictures of a pre-birthday celebration at Times Square!
Henry, Bryan, Huiting and I.
Managed to watch Sorority Row!!!! Okay la. wasn't scary at all. =)

Awwww... boyfriend for the day.Then we stated exchanging partners.

Then We had a threesome.Then we decided to be lesbians.
They became gays.
Boyfriend of the day!


K la. tireds.
P/S: I'm getting another dog. because Kalbooz's owner didn't sound keen to give him away.. So I found another one more cuter puppy! His name is POLLY!. I know right.. sounds so girl. hehe

And I shall end here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009 ' 12:49 PM

I've baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday! =)
Mommie baked Pakistani-style macaroni for lunch!

Anyway, I have been wanting a pet dog for a very long time. For those who have been close enough to me should know. Me making endless trips to pet shops only to stare at ridiculously expensive toy puppies is just depressing.
After much persuading, mommie finally let me get one!
Initially I wanted a Yorkshire Terrier...
Nah-ah. I'm not gonna pay 2k for a puppy yo!

So I went online, went through pet finder and found a cute little puppy for adoption!
His name is Kalbooz (which I'm not really fond of).. This handsome boy here is a breed of Spitz and Terrier ( to what extend how accurate his breed is that I'm not sure.) He has 3 other siblings which were all adopted expect him.
Have to go all the way to Putra Heghts in Shah Alam to get him. His current fosterer is not free at the moment so I guess I'll just have to wait lor. =)

Okay Ive gotta fun. tata~
And I shall end here.

Friday, October 2, 2009 ' 8:45 PM

I was reading a few malay girls blog. They are in their mid twenties and are newly weds.
They blog in Malay by the way.
Nothing against them nor the language tho.. but just that I find it extremely hilarious to read how they literally convert London to Malaysia.

Actually = ekceli
Purple = pepel
Handsome = hensem
Colour = kaler
Pregnant = pregnen
Office = opis
Relax = ilek

LOL. I just find it entertaning. =) how to increase the standard of English in this country?

"Mai hensem unkel's pregnen wife wear pepel kaler baju to opis. ilek la tecer, I London is very the strong."

And I shall end here.

Friday, September 18, 2009 ' 10:04 AM

I give it all up, but I’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
I’ve given you too much,
but I’m taking back my love.

A cup of Dilemma.
Two tea spoon of conflict within myself.
So hard to confess the ugly truth as I fear what I've feared all along.
And I shall end here.

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